CCTV cameras have become an essential tool to ensuring a safe and secure environment. Whether it is in a shopping centre to monitor incidents or for visual recognition upon entry, CCTV has many uses and can be integrated to start recording when an alarm is raised or a door is entered through the Access Control or Intruder systems.

Below are some of the forms of CCTV cameras we can install and maintain.


  • Analog Cameras – Up to a 1/3 of a Megapixel resolution.
  • Digital Cameras – Range between 1 – 30 Megapixels.
  • IP Cameras – Analog or digital network cameras, allowing you to view through an IP address on your computer.
  • LPR – License Plate recognition, which can help manage your car parking arrangements.


In addition:


  • We can integrate CCTV cameras to work alongside other Security Systems, it can be as simple as to see who has gone through an access control door or set up with motion detection in restricted areas to raise an alarm via your intruder systems straight to a central monitoring station.
  • For sites that are not always manned or need the facility to review from other locations, this can be done by remote viewing with an IP address.

Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Camera


- Excl. GST
Application Warehouse Tier 2 Cost Effective Tier 1 Pro-Series
4x Camera Systems $5,990.00 $8,250.00
8x Camera Systems $10,550.00 $12,750.00
16x Camera Systems $18,850.00 $22,950.00

All package costs include installation, warranty, CCTV cabinet, Monitor, UPS & Signage


We explain the differences in system types during our surveys, however please refer to the CCTV Grade Tier Types table below giving you an outline description of the differences.

Technical Information Tier 1 Pro-Series Tier 2 Cost Effective Tier 3 Residential
System Reliability Best Good Poor
Storage Options Up to 128TB Up to 32TB Up to 8TB
Raid Options Yes No No
Camera Megapixel Range 2 to 32MB 2 to 8MB 1 to 4 MB
Picture Quality Best Good Standard
Infrared Night-time Viewing Best Good Very Poor
Analytic Options Yes No No
Network Cyber Security Very High Standard Very Poor
Client Software Best Good Poor/None
Smart-Searching Best Standard None

CCTV Packages include the outright sale of the equipment with installation, warranty & service.

All Prices excl. gst and are subject to terms & conditions with site survey visit and submitted proposal.


HD Bullet Camera

HD Turret Camera


Avigilon Control Centre Software

Honeywell MAXPRO VMS

Honeywell MAXPRO VMS