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Top Ten Benefits Of Investing In High-Quality CCTV Installation


Generally, the purchase high-quality CCTV installation methods may to some, seem an unnecessary cost outlay. Although this is common thinking – it totally depends on how important the image quality, features & benefits are to our clients. However, there are many benefits to commercial security cameras, such as a return on investment over time. Below are some examples:

  • Visible Crime Deterrent
  • Loss Prevention (Shrinkage)
  • Insurance Cost Savings
  • Health & Safety Adherence
  • Employee / Customer Safety
  • Increased Productivity
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Insurance Claims Evidence
  • Latest Technology Ready
  • 24/7 Digital Eyes For Your Business


Here are a few types of CCTV cameras we can install and maintain.


  • Digital – Range between 4 – 30 Megapixels.
  • High-Definition HD – Ultra high-definition cameras. Giving the ability to zoom with extreme clarity.
  • Network/IP – Analog or digital network cameras, allowing you to view through an IP address on your computer.
  • LPR – License Plate recognition, which can help manage your car parking arrangements.
  • Infrared/Night Vision – Ability to see images in pitch black conditions using Infrared LEDs.
  • Motion Detection – Capable of recording only when motion is detected
  • Facial Recognition – For improved security, cameras can now capture a lot of detail


Honeywell Security


We have been using Honeywell Security products for over 20 years and subsequently have a lot of experience working with their cameras & video systems, in which we install & maintain in New Zealand. As a result, DankoSec has recently been accredited as a Honeywell Certified Integrator which we can uniquely offer to NZ.


Honeywell offers high-quality CCTV systems that provide you with the technology you need to deliver simple and effective security solutions. Check out their products here.


Additionally, we can integrate CCTV cameras to work alongside other security systems. This can be as simple as monitoring an access controlled door, set up with motion detection in restricted areas, or to raise an alarm via your intruder systems.


Honeywell Integrated Security Integrator


Difference in MP from 1MP to 8MP


Difference in Megapixel from 1MP to 30MP


CCTV PackagesCost-EffectivePro-SeriesResidential 
4x Cameras & Recorder$2,895.00$5,495.00Not Supplied
8x Cameras & Recorder$4,895.00$8,695.00Not Supplied
16x Cameras & Recorder$9,495.00$16,495.00Not Supplied
24x Cameras & Recorder$13,495.00$22,995.00Not Supplied

All prices are in NZD, exclude GST and are subject to a written quotation.


We explain the differences in system types during our surveys, however please refer to the CCTV Grade Tier Types table below giving you an outline description of the differences.

Technical InformationPro-Series (Tier 1)Cost-Effective (Tier 2)Residential (Tier 3)
Image QualityUltra HighHighLow
System ReliabilityBestGoodPoor
Storage Options<128TB<32TB<8TB
RAID OptionsYesNoNo
Camera Megapixel Range4 to 32MB2 to 8MB1 to 4 MB
Security IntegrationYesNoNo
Infrared Night-time ViewingBestGoodVery Poor
Analytic OptionsYesNoNo
Network Cyber SecurityVery HighStandardVery Poor
Client SoftwareBestGoodPoor/None


Mini Dome Camera

HD Turret Camera


Honeywell Pro-Watch App

Honeywell MAXPRO VMS

Honeywell MAXPRO VMS

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