Commercial Access Control Systems


Firstly, DankoSec implements access control installation of the most intricate security systems. We are accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 for the “Provision of Installation and Maintenance of Security Systems” in the UK. Additionally, we’re IQP registered in Auckland, therefore allowing us to provide accreditation to BWoF section “SS3/2 Access Controlled Doors” in NZ.


We have been a Honeywell Security Integrator in the UK for several years and consequently have a lot of experience working with Honeywell Pro-Watch & WIN-PAK, which we can uniquely offer in New Zealand. Honeywell offers high-quality Access Control Systems that provide you with the technology you need to deliver sophisticated solutions for security doors. Check out their products here



How does Access Control work?

When a tag/card or biometric data is present to a reader, the reader then sends the employee/visitors information, typically a unique number (employee #) to the security control panel. Correspondingly the panel will analyze the number to a pre-set list; this will then grant or deny the request & send the information to a live database. If access is denied (depending on your pre-set list), subsequently the door will stay locked. If there’s a match between the credential and the list, the control panel operates a relay that in turn will unlock the door.



Why would a business require Access Control?

It is simply designed to help monitor & manage the movement of people & vehicles in your business premise, subsequently reducing the risk of unauthorized entry through security doors. Additionally, you can:


  • Restrict access:
    • Pre-set days/times
    • Chosen rooms or buildings
  • Smart Readers:
    • Retina / Fingerprint
    • Contactless Smart Cards
  • Monitor & manage access for all employees & visitors
  • View a live feed database to better understand movement within your premise

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If you require access control installation, choose one of the options below:


  • Cost Estimate
    • Firstly we will liaise with you over the phone & emails to review your floor plans and security requirements. We will then send you estimated labour and equipment costs, based on the information we receive.
  • Site Survey*
    • Firstly we will visit your premises to discuss your security requirements. We will then send you a formal proposal with labour and equipment costs.

*DankoSec may require a pre-project deposit.

All prices are in NZD, exclude GST and are subject to a written quotation.


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