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Enhancing your building security system

DankoSec has provided high-quality security systems to a wide range of commercial and corporate clients in NZ. With over 35 years of industry experience, rest assured that DankoSec delivers advice, consultation, design, and implementation to the highest standards. Whether you require us to install a simple access control system or an intricate commercial security solution spanning multiple sites, our team is sure to go above and beyond your expectations. Our extensive experience delivering CCTV in Auckland, NZ forward-thinking approach while covering all aspects of our client’s requirements. Contact us now to get the business security system that will protect your investment!

About DankoSec

Why Dankosec?

Taking pride in our proactivity, professionalism, and promptness; we have an international and local reputation for excellence and have built long term relationships with our professional and corporate clients.

Delivering excellence, every time

Using the latest technological innovations and engineering excellence, DankoSec provides total security solutions. We offer a range of CCTV camera technology, including motion detection, infrared, biometric, and license plate recognition (LPR).

Our ability to take advantage of the most sophisticated security technologies is only achievable
thanks to our fantastic team. Everyone who works for DankoSec gets continuous support and professional development wherever possible, while we provide the assistance required to make sure they are safe, supported and comfortable

Innovation in security systems

DankoSec is a proud partner and certified integrator of Honeywell Security, a global leader in the manufacture of high-quality security solutions. Having been working with Honeywell products for over 20 years, our experience working with their systems is unmatched. Constantly updating and innovating their products, Honeywell offers the robustness, reliability, and cost-effectiveness that our clients need.

We are accredited as a Honeywell Certified Silver Integrator, which we can uniquely offer in Auckland.

Commercial security systems

The technology that we offer here at DankoSec is designed to deter and detect unwanted incidents in your facility. Having a comprehensive security system will prevent theft because it inhibits intruders’ ability to get in. And if such a scenario did occur, you can have the motion detection and CCTV in Auckland to provide evidence in the investigation process.

Using the latest technology with DankoSec, you can incorporate an advanced security system that can monitor, record, and report everything going on in your facility. The more you integrate the services we offer, the better the protection of your business will be.

Key Clients & Partners

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DankoSec’s approach is to provide a total security solution by utilizing the latest technological innovations & engineering excellence.

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Only PSPLA Licensed Technicians are a part of the DankoSec team. And because we believe good health is the greatest wealth, we consistently achieve Site Wise Gold accreditation. Throughout all stages of our services, we work to the highest level of integrity and honesty.

  • Consultancy Project Management

    We believe that great consultants will gain as much knowledge about your requirements, so we can tailor a security plan based on your operations.

  • Installation And Maintenance

    From the moment an order has been accepted it is assigned to a Project Manager who will liaise with you at all times, thus ensuring that your project runs as smoothly as possible.

    We only use specialist installation teams that have vast industry experience and are up to date with the current contractual and Health and Safety issues.

  • System Support

    Once a client; always a client. At DankoSec we ensure to continue supporting you & your systems continuously throughout our time together.

Honeywell Security Featured Product


Honeywell PRO-WATCH® is an integrated software designed to meet the complete security needs of an enterprise, from access and alarm system management, time & attendance reports, to video surveillance

Pro-Watch brings all your security elements together into a single, powerful solution offering identity management, access control, and video surveillance systems. DankoSec is proud to offer this product experience to New Zealand businesses.

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Choose DankoSec Today!

Being IQP qualified here at DankoSec, we are committed to providing the best and safest security systems for commercial and business clients. Protecting your interests and investments is our top priority, so we refuse to cut corners when it comes to the quality of our services.

We provide up-to-date recommendations and advice to create the best possible security system for your needs. Contact us now to discuss your commercial security requirements in greater detail.

Free & Friendly Advice from a team of experienced security professionals

Accredited Independent Qualified Person (IQP) for SS3.2 – Access Controlled Doors

Accredited with Site Wise Gold – Your good health is your greatest wealth

A proud partner and Certified Integrator of Honeywell Security

Over 35 years’ experience in installation & maintenance

Only PSPLA Licensed Technicians are part of the DankoSec team


Trusted Accreditations

09 888 9200 / 0800 DANKOSEC

Contact us now to discuss your Commercial Security requirements in further detail.