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Getting the best security camera system for your business

Regardless of the size of your business, whether you own a small store or commercial enterprise with multiple facilities, a security camera system is essential to ensure the protection of your investment.

Here at DankoSec, we are leaders in the industry when it comes to the installation and maintenance of high-quality security systems. With over 35 years of experience, we have provided CCTV, alarm systems, entrance control systems, and more for a wide range of commercial and corporate clients. Our clients stay with us because we have fostered relationships based on our exceptional ability to deliver advice, consultation, design, and implementation to the highest standards.

Security Camera Installation

We want the best for your business. When you work with us, you will get more than a fit-for-purpose security system. By listening to you and consulting with you about your unique needs, we will tailor-make a bespoke system that meets your every requirement and protects what is most important to you.

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Why your business needs security cameras

While investing in a security camera system may seem like an unnecessary expense, the advantages of having one will far outweigh the initial cost. In addition to that, the price depends more on the image quality and how important extra features and benefits are to you. And when you opt for security cameras on your premises, you will get a return on your investment.

Read on to learn some of the benefits you will enjoy when you get DankoSec security camera installation.

Crime deterrent

When prospective thieves see a business that utilises a thorough security system, including cameras and entrance controls they are less likely to attempt to take your property. Therefore, you can prevent losses before they even happen.

Using the latest technology

We offer some of the latest camera technology when we install a camera system on your premises. For instance, infrared cameras are a fantastic choice if you need night footage, weatherproof cameras are excellent for your outdoor areas, and license plate recognition technology is ideal for car parks.

Adhering to health and safety guidelines

Security camera systems are a fantastic health and safety precaution. Being able to monitor your working practices, even when you are not onsite, will mitigate risks and ensure that your company is working to the most ethical practices.

Employee and customer safety

CCTV cameras can protect your employees and customers from unwanted instances of harassment. That is because they function as a deterrent against crime, so when people see cameras in place, they will want to be on their best behaviour.

Save money on insurance

Your insurance costs will shrink when you have a comprehensive security camera system on your premises. Taking as many steps as possible to protect your property is an excellent sign for insurers, and security cameras are considered by insurers to be one of the biggest risk mitigators for your property.

Increases productivity

Security camera installation is a great way to ensure that your employees are following the right company procedures to get their work done. People who are getting monitored will put their best foot forward.

It also provides the people who work for you with the space to do their work without having to worry as much about security. Therefore, the overall productivity of your company will increase when the task of protecting the business is partially shouldered by an automated system.

Remote monitoring

Even when your premises are closed or you are not onsite, our team at DankoSec can install a system that allows for secure, wireless, remote monitoring. That way, you will be able to check in on your premises from anywhere.

Insurance claims evidence

Should the unwanted event occur where someone infiltrates your property and takes or breaks something, you will be able to use the footage to show your insurer what happened. That way, your insurer will have concrete evidence of what happened and protect your property.

24/7 digital eyes for your business

With a security camera system from DankoSec, you can have eyes on all your business assets in one place. You will be able to keep an eye on all of your rooms and facilities from anywhere, whether that be at home or from another facility. Your employees will be able to work more productively and with a higher level of safety assurance.

If you run a business, get in touch with DankoSec today to get a high-quality security camera solution installed today!

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