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An electronic security system (ESS) will consist of a single system or an integration of multiple systems that either detect, deter or deny a person(s) that is not authorised to be in the chosen facility, in order to protect your people (team members, customers, visitors, neighbors, and family) and your assets (office space, stock rooms, comms rooms, warehouses, parking lots, factories, etc) Ultimately, a security system can be made up of Access Control (to allow or restrict access), intruder alarms (to trigger an alert if there is unauthorised access), and Security Cameras (to record the whole incident). There are other forms of security too, such as Turnstiles, Speed Gates, Vehicle Barrier Arms, Audio or Video Intercoms, and more!

Globally, security systems are commonly used in every commercial building to which the public has access. One single unauthorised person can cause enough damage, or steal enough data, to warrant a security system in the future. We are blessed that New Zealand is a wholesome and trustworthy country, however, we should still weigh up the cost vs the risk; crime in NZ has been on the rise, and having an integrated security system can deter, detect & record anything that happens to you and your business. Just one unlawful event being deterred and recorded can provide a return on investment & peace of mind that you and your business are in safe hands.

A good security system is one that is designed based on your risk and budget. Corporate companies will generally pay for a Risk Evaluation; we will then design a security system based upon the risks to your people and assets, with your budget in mind. This is vital. You, as the client, must fully understand the risks, and how we mitigate them, before accepting a security system proposal. Our team will guide you along the way, we will design the system together and provide continuous support. We like to take this risk from you and give you the peace of mind that we put our reputation on the line with confidence.

Understanding the mechanics of security systems is a highly skilled qualification. All technicians in New Zealand must undergo a police check, have a PSPLA license, and be qualified in Electrotechnology. What’s also important is client knowledge and operator training. We go above and beyond to ensure our systems are easy to use, explained in the greatest detail, and continuously maintained. We will never move on to the next phase unless you were 100% onboard with our proposal. We always welcome questions, and we generally communicate via email, so all questions and answers are always available. When we provide quotes, you are more than welcome to request a BoM (Bill of Materials) so you can see exactly what equipment we’re proposing, and where. We provide documentation that will support this once the quote has been accepted, such as designs, datasheets, and ‘as builts’

Access Control is a combination of components that detect a person’s request to enter a particular building or room. They will present a swipe card to a reader, which gives the reader some credentials about that person. The reader then sends a signal to the control panel, which will either accept or deny entry. If accepted, the system will log the access event and the person can enter through the door. If denied, the system will log the request event and send a signal to your security team to follow up. The person is denied access through that door.

Typically integrated with Access Control; an alarm system will detect and deter an intruder using motion detectors (such as PIRs) or magnetic reed switches that monitor the status of your doors and windows. Once detection has occurred, a signal will be sent to the control panel which will then either sound an alarm to yourself or to a monitoring company, or in other countries – call the police. These actions are pre-defined and when we program your system, we will walk you through all the possibilities.

We will oversee a professional monitoring company that will constantly keep a check on your alarm status. Once detection has occurred, they contact you in a pre-arranged manner. Usually a phone call or text message to you and/or dispatching a security guard to the site. They are monitoring and contactable 24/7, all year round.

Typically integrated with an Access Control and an Alarm System. Although the word CCTV stands for Closed-Circuit Television, cameras nowadays have evolved. This term is still used; however, the latest term is IP (Internet Protocol) Security Cameras. Security cameras today are powered and displayed using IP Ethernet LAN cables (Cat5/Cat6). They are used to record an incident in your workplace or place of interest and provide evidence to whoever requires it for the investigation. Special IP cameras have been designed over the years to perform human tasks in a cost-effective way. A few examples would be License Plate Recognition, Thermal, Facial Recognition, People Counting, People Tracking, Business Analytics & more.

An intercom, or an intercommunication device, is a stand-alone audio/video system that is typically used in a commercial building to speak with visitors, delivery drivers, clients, or staff that require access to a pre-defined part of your premises. A typical example would be a delivery dock. The delivery driver would press a button on the device, and it would ring an intercom at someone’s desk and that person can either open the barrier or instruct them on something else to do.

Entrance Control is generally the same as Access Control. The mechanics are somewhat the same, the credentials would integrate, and the system would be maintained and installed in a similar manner. Here at DankoSec, we have given Entrance Control its own service as we see it as a specialty. Entrance Control consists of Turnstiles, Automatic Speed Gates, and Vehicle Barrier Arms. It is used to moderate access into a building on a large scale. You see these turnstiles in government buildings, large office complexes, car parks, and airports.

This is a good question to ask. No, we won’t. You can find cheaper security products on the market. These come along with vulnerabilities that an online hacker, an experienced criminal, or even an inside person may be able to override. We do not use any equipment that possesses vulnerabilities. We take your safety & security just as important as we take our own. A robust system is generally 20-30% more of a cost than a cheap system. However, cheaper systems can go wrong more often meaning the overall cost will be the same after a few years. Invest in a good, robust system to give yourself peace of mind for years to come.

Unfortunately, burglars or criminals can strike your business premises at any time. Day or night. As crime in NZ increases, so does our knowledge of prevention and preparation. Acting soon, before an attack, is the best form of defense against such incidents. Speak with our team today, to see how a security system can help deter theft.

The US Chamber of Commerce released a report to show that one in three bankruptcies are caused solely by employee theft (stock shrinkage). This could easily be fixed with internal security systems. We provide systems that prevent unauthorised access to stock rooms, communication and network rooms, and any confidential rooms that your standard team member shouldn’t have access to.

In NZ, Access Control is regulated by the government under your Building Warrant of Fitness. It is listed in your Compliance Schedule under SS3/2 Access Controlled Doors. This means your Compliance Schedule will inform you of how many times per year your system needs maintenance. This is because Access Control restricts assess (and sometimes egress/exit) and therefore needs to be in good working order, all year round. Maintenance on anything that is critical to your safety is a good investment. You wouldn’t drive your vehicle around until it broke down, as the repairs could be more costly than regular maintenance. It’s the same with security. We give a 1-year labor warranty with all our systems, and they typically come with a 1- or 2-years Manufacturer’s Warranty, too. We can provide maintenance packages that suit you, in a package for one fixed cost per year. This can also be priced up monthly as we understand it can help the OPEX budget management.

Our team of Security Consultants is equipped with industry knowledge, technician experience, DankoSec values, and a genuine, open, and honest personality. We are confident our team can guide you with compassion, empathy, and discretion to ensure all aspects of your security needs are thought about. We will raise questions that we know should be raised, and we will initiate conversations with other services to ensure a smooth installation. We will educate you continuously through any questions you have, regarding your safety and security. The security consultant will work with you to understand your risk, your budget, the features and benefits that you would like, and the timeline for your project. They will then submit a first draft design, along with costs, based on your requirements. At all times through your experience with a DankoSec Consultant, any of our management team will be available for clarification or ‘fact-checking. We like to work with honesty and integrity throughout all stages of installation and maintenance. Throughout the installation, and once the installation is complete, your security consultant will be available for you at any time, continuously providing follow-up care. They will be there to guide the installers, ensure the timeline is on track, program the system to your requirements, test the system fully, and ensure your security system is exactly as desired.

We are all about proof-checking and referencing. First, there is a public register that you can check to ensure the company themselves are indeed qualified and regulated. Each of our technicians and consultants will always carry their PSPLA license with them, by law. You cannot become a technician unless you have gone through government checks. You as the client, have every right to question our technicians on this and ask them to provide proof. Typically, they wear it around their necks or keep it in their work van. Each technician is proud of their license and will be thrilled to show it off to you.

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